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Beautiful Board

Beautiful handcrafted piece that will last forever - love everything about it

Afriyie in mint green

It’s beautiful, but I only unwrapped it briefly to look at it. It will be a gift to my daughter, but not until August! I’ll let you know later what she thinks. I can hardly wait for her to see it and use it!


Best cheeseboard ever! Gave it to my mom for Christmas and I am OBSESSED! The craftsmanship is unmatched as well as the little details that make the board so unique! The food safe coating on the concrete is def a selling point because no one wants concrete in their brie!

\\Afriyie in Light Grey 12"
Stephanie Flanagan

Not only is this an absolutely BEAUTIFUL platter, but this company is phenomenal!! I had a problem with my order and the company went over and above to help me even though they didn’t have to. I am forever grateful. A wonderful place to buy from!

Gorgeous indigo dreamware

Love my Studio Badge indigo skies platter - the mixture of materials, colors, and textures is stunning and it brings such a nice pop of brightness and warmth to our diningroom. Can't wait to have dinner parties again so I can show it off!

Kwesi Sey
Loving it

Great conversation starter! A great durable, versatile platter that takes the aesthetic of any meal up a notch. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for, top quality and definitely worth it! Highly recommend.


This platter is by far the most beautiful piece of kitchen ware I own. It's beautifully made, beautifully packaged, and shipped fast! I receive so many compliments on this any time I host - highly recommend buying it to elevate your kitchen, or as a unique gift for a loved one!

Lou Badger
Perfect platter for all occasions

My Mana Platter has served a multitude of purposes over the two years I’ve had it. A platter for desserts, brunch, bowls of soup, and appetizers, the handle makes it perfect for serving and sharing.

\\Mini Aitch in Moondust White 14"L
Lou Badger
Elevates daily dining experiences

I enjoy my Mini Aitch for elevating daily dining experiences in addition to hosting. I use it directly for food as well as a platter for bowls and plates. Always impressive when hosting guests, the Mini Aitch platter additionally makes the perfect kitchen adornment when not being used. This platter has held up excellently as well, through two homes and two moves!

\\Aba in \\Lush
Ernest Taylor
Beautiful Quality

I have had my platter now for more than 2 years and it's still as beautiful as when I first received it. The craftmanship is impeccable and I love the African-inspired design. I primarily use this for dry food products (e.g., no oil) to prevent staining.

\\Mini Aitch in Moondust White 14"L
Na Reindorf
The perfect

I’ve had this for a couple of years and it is just one of those pieces that defies trends and still looks and feels modern. I’ve used it multiple times especially when I want to make an occasion extra fancy, and it never disappoints. It also looks and feels solid, which gives me the impression it’s going to last a long time, and this is something I’m very happy about.

Beautiful Gift

I bought this platter as a housewarming gift for a friend. The engraving work is so beautiful and has become a center piece of her kitchen. This is the best unique and practical gift!!

Best Platter EVER

This the best platter I’ve ever owned. It’s so stylish and is the perfect size for serving appetizers to a mid sized group. All my friends comment on it when I use it. It’s super easy to wash and works for just about any occasion!

\\Mini Aitch in Moondust White 14"L
So obsessed

I've had my mini Aitch for years and it's provided the perfect backdrop for charcuterie and appetizers of all kinds. They're such chic pieces of functional art and feel like something that works for every day dining and special occasions


I use my SB platters whenever I’m entertaining guest or even when I want spruce up dinner time at the table! It never fails to get compliments!! The quality is also amazing!! My next purchase is the Afriyie and I can wait!

\\Mana in \\Lush
More than for food

I actually hang this on my wall when I’m not using it for serving. That’s how beautiful the engraving is!

Oprah was Right!

This platter is as beautiful as she said! I’m so happy I got it during the holidays

\\Mini Aitch in Moondust White 14"L
My favorite new item

I bought several of these to use during my housewarming party last January. When COVID hit I no longer needed them for social events but now I enjoy making a nice charcuterie platter for myself when I finish work. These are so beautiful they make the night feel instantly elevated. Fortunately they’re easy to clean and they go great with everything. It was even better when I found out they’re specially crafted in Ghana. I’m super happy I bought these and I will buy more when I start having folks over again (post-Covid).