\\Mini Aitch in Moondust White 14"L


Mini Aitch is the special child. At 23cm x 35cm she's one of a kind, a beautiful mix of concrete and wood. She might look rough but she's divinely smooth to the touch. What everyone else perceives as flaws - the holes that adorn her surface, the slightly jagged edges that define her - these are the qualities that she celebrates proudly. She's here to help everything you like to eat look as good as it tastes.

Materials - Ghanaian Teak and Concrete 

Finish - VOC-free, Food-safe Concrete sealant

Dimensions - 9" x 14" / 23cm x 35cm

Weight - 3.3lbs / 1.5kg

Customer Reviews

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Elevates daily dining experiences

I enjoy my Mini Aitch for elevating daily dining experiences in addition to hosting. I use it directly for food as well as a platter for bowls and plates. Always impressive when hosting guests, the Mini Aitch platter additionally makes the perfect kitchen adornment when not being used. This platter has held up excellently as well, through two homes and two moves!

The perfect

I’ve had this for a couple of years and it is just one of those pieces that defies trends and still looks and feels modern. I’ve used it multiple times especially when I want to make an occasion extra fancy, and it never disappoints. It also looks and feels solid, which gives me the impression it’s going to last a long time, and this is something I’m very happy about.

So obsessed

I've had my mini Aitch for years and it's provided the perfect backdrop for charcuterie and appetizers of all kinds. They're such chic pieces of functional art and feel like something that works for every day dining and special occasions

My favorite new item

I bought several of these to use during my housewarming party last January. When COVID hit I no longer needed them for social events but now I enjoy making a nice charcuterie platter for myself when I finish work. These are so beautiful they make the night feel instantly elevated. Fortunately they’re easy to clean and they go great with everything. It was even better when I found out they’re specially crafted in Ghana. I’m super happy I bought these and I will buy more when I start having folks over again (post-Covid).

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We exist because we want to celebrate the craft of Ghanaian artisans. Every piece is hand-crafted in small batches with love in our Accra studio

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We source the finest, premium Ghanaian hardwoods to ensure that we are giving you a piece you can cherish for years